Embotelladora del Caribe Inc

Is a Plastic Bottles and Jars manufacturer company that not only sell bottles and Jars with their caps or specialty caps, we go beyond that.

We are here to help you take your ideas combine them with our knowledge to create the presentation you are looking for. To be able to stand apart from the rest.

We are located in Yabucoa, a small town in the south east of Puerto Rico island. Manufacturing Bottles and Jars since 2012 for the caribbean and the continental market.

To complete our produt line, we offer Plastic Caps, Spray triggers, lotion pumps, and specialty caps.

We focus in the one-on-one attention of our customers to be able to fullfill their needs

BotellasPR also offers the option to make a custom bottle that with a low investment it can help your product to stand-out from the rest.

With our 3D printer you will be able to not only see the bottle but to touch a mock-up of it before the manufacturing of the the mould

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